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Stage 5 students win NAS x NUAS design competition

Stage 5 students win NAS x NUAS design competition

15 February 2022

The NAS x NUAS design competition saw architecture students from both Newcastle University and Northumbria University respond to a design brief which focused on a site situated between the two Universities.

Under a theme of ‘wellbeing’, the students were asked to focus on one of five pillars (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social), think creatively and develop a wellbeing intervention, installation or space for Newcastle’s Civic Centre Gardens.     

Judges reviewed each submission and awarded prizes to the top five entries. Given the exceptionally high standard of entries this year, even after much deliberation, the judges couldn’t decide upon a single overall winner and instead chose to jointly awarded first place to two teams, both from Newcastle University.

First place was jointly awarded to Stage 3 students Sam Barker and Beth Sprigg for their city dining table design and to Stage 5 students Tinnie Ma, Jessica Cheng and Matt Tan for their project Liberate.

Tinnie, Jessica and Matt focused on emotional wellbeing and centred their design around the Newcastle Civic Centre Council Chamber. Their entry stated:

The urban intervention aims to connect the chamber of Newcastle Civic Centre to the wider public by encompassing and highlighting public emotions towards the enclosed meeting space. The addition of steps that spiral to the top of the council chamber allow citizens to view the inside and is intended to embody the idea of a transparent democracy. By slowly moving to the top on a light steel frame, there is a critical reconstruction of strengthening the confidence and emotions of citizens overlooking the governing body.”

Our huge congratulations go to Tinnie, Jessica and Matt, their submission can be seen below: