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RIBA North East Awards

RIBA North East hosted the regional Student Awards 2021 to celebrate the talented architecture students in the North East and to reward them in the pursuit of excellence in the study of of architecture.

Schemes submitted for the Student Awards were designed by students from Schools of Architecture at Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Each school was asked to submit two Part 1 design projects and two Part 2 design projects.

The entries comprised of the students’ main end of year projects. Students were asked to put their final degree show into a PowerPoint presentation, before presenting their work to the jury panel digitally via Microsoft Teams.

This year's judging panel featured Andrew Thompson of Faulkner Browns Architects, Maral Tulip of xsite architecture, and Craig Stott of Leeds Beckett University.

Congratulations to Emma Beale, Robert Thackery and Nicholas Honey on receiving your commendation and presentation prize in these awards. 

Part I Commendation - Emma Beale

The Redcar Medicinal Seaweed Centre

Judges' comments

Emma developed an astute and humane brief aiming to tackle a multitude of societal and environmental issues through her intervention. She developed innovative ways to engage in the community during challenging circumstances and considered the human impact of her architecture at all stages.

Emma's project was beautifully investigated and the process to which informed her decisions was outstanding. What stood out the most about Emma was that at different stages of her project she constantly went back and checked her decision makings against her brief and the process. This showed a very mature way of understanding an architectural process and never losing sight of the initial vision and brief whilst constantly evolving it and making it more complete whilst recognising and reacting to any new circumstance that a project is faced with (in this case the global pandemic).

Emma Beale

Part II Presentation Prize - Robert Thackery and Nicholas Honey

Reclaiming Playtime

Judges' comments

The presentation of their project was an innovative way to explain their ideas using stop motion animation which carried through the concept of play and playfulness in both its themes and visual styles.

Excellent and engaging video provided a super way to enjoy the project, combined with the beautiful model forming a stage for the community actions to be communicated.

Nick and Rob’s presentation of their project was outstanding. They demonstrated a unique skill in demonstrating their ideas in a new way which was refreshing to see. It was cleverly done which communicated their design idea very well. It was a joy to watch and witness the process they have gone through to inform their journey and end result.

Rob Thackery and Nick Honey