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RIBA Scott Brownrigg Award for Sustainable Development Shortlist Success

Submission from Jay Hallsworth shortlisted to the final three

8 August 2022

A proposal submitted by Postgraduate Architecture student Jay Hallsworth was shortlisted, to the final three, in the RIBA Scott Brownrigg Award for Sustainable Development 2022.

The submission, titled ‘Biosandstone prototype (bacterial cellulose and aggregate)’ explored how existing, unsustainable construction practices could be influenced by biomaterials as a means of reducing the carbon footprint in the development of the built environment.

The focus of the submission was a Masters ‘Linked Research’ project which studied the combination of bacterial cellulose (a natural biomaterial synthesized by bacteria) and a range of aggregates. Bacterial cellulose’s adaptability is one of its strengths; adding aggregates takes cellulose from a slimy substance to an acceptable construction material. In creating biomaterials that reflect the existing conventions of the built environment, it may be possible to produce sustainable materials that are accepted by a traditionally conservative construction industry, allowing us to better adapt, design and respond to the environmental context of the future.

The award panel shortlisted the proposal in the final three and considered it an excellent submission. The panel valued the focus on the development of biodegradable materials, a field, they stated, is in need of further advancement.

The School, and Prof. Ruth Morrow who supervised Jay’s linked research project, wish to congratulate Jay on this fantastic recognition.

Jay continues to develop his research in HBBE over the summer, in collaboration with industry stakeholders, funded through the Higher Education Innovation Fund.

Sandulose prototype & masonry aggregate prototype
Electron microscopy