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Success in the Women in Property Yorkshire & North East Awards

Stage 2 Geography and Planning student Anna Maw wins award

16 June 2022

The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape are delighted to announce that Stage 2 Geography and Planning student Anna Maw was one of two winners of the Women in Property Yorkshire & North East awards.

Anna spoke of her inspiration for planning, driven by her love for her home city of Sunderland and the desire to serve communities in decline across the North-East through sustainable and innovative planning solutions.

Also nominated was MPlan Urban Planning student Jasmine Jones who spoke of her interest in the housing sector and the impact affordable, stable and comfortable housing can have on achieving equal opportunities when looking at development and growth.

Dr Abigail Schoneboom who was in attendance at the awards ceremony said “Huge congratulations to Jasmine and Anna, as two of our most high-achieving, hard-working, engaged and community-minded students in being nominated for this award. The competition involved demanding presentations and a panel interview, which are great experience, and it has also given the nominees access to a professional network that will be invaluable for future career opportunities. As GAP Degree Programme Director, I am especially proud that Anna is a winner of this year's contest and will go on to the national final in London later this year."

Jasmine Jones (left), Anna Maw (centre) and Dr Abigail Schoneboom (left) at the Women in Property Awards
Anna Maw celebrating success in the Women in Property Yorkshire and North East Awards