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Climate and Nature-Based Thinking

Nature-based thinking as a holisitc way of approaching climate-related impacts

Theme Context:

Landscapes both shape and are shaped by climate over time.  Climate change and landscape change interact in various ways and impact upon and are impacted by people’s activities. Nature Based Thinking (NBT) provides a holistic way of approaching climate-related impacts. There is a rich history and literature related to NBT which provides theoretical approaches for landscape interventions and understanding people’s relationships with landscapes. 

Existing and Developing areas of Focus:

Shifting cultural values that sustain human-nonhuman relations, drawing from diverse cultural understandings of nature; de-centering human agency in design: towards more-than-human landscape design (theories, approaches, practice); Phenology, Nature-Based Thinking and Climate; conceptualising waterscape futures.

Recent Relevant Funded Research:

  • Silent Landscapes, NU (Ruiz Arana) Value: £950 
  • Sea Sure, QR Policy Fund,  (Roe and Hocknell). Value: £30,689
  • GreenInUrbs – Green Infrastructure approach, Programme Horizon 2020 (Davies) Value: 750,000,00€ EU 
  • GREEN SURGE: Green Infrastructure and Urban Biodiversity for Sustainable Urban Development and the Green Economy. FP7-ENVIRONMENT (Davies and Roe – Science Advisory Committee). Value €7,189,725,60

Theme leads: Usue Ruiz-Arana and Clive Davies