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Creativity and Collaboration

Creative methods and dialogues, collaborations, transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary working to explore landscapes

Theme Context:

Exploration of landscapes requires the development of dialogues, collaborations and transdisciplinary working. Innovative creative methods and approaches build on well-established participatory and community-based expertise in TLC. Our focus on creative methods is feeding into policy engagements, and global research as well as UK-based collaborative projects with colleagues across the university (soundscapes, visual arts, sensory, representations, interpretation and design e.g. PRN, GCRF Hubs). 

Existing and Developing areas of Focus:

Multi-sensory creative interactions and approaches to understanding relationships with landscapes; working with artists / creative sectors embedded in local communities in international and UK; addressing global issues through small-scale creative collaborations; acknowledging the ‘living’, changing understanding of heritage within creative practices and collaborations within the temporality of landscape; concepts of belonging, identity formation and sense of place in human interactions with landscapes; raising awareness of the importance of creative methods and practices in understanding landscapes; art and design as research and into practice.

Recent Relevant Funded Research:

  • MCAHE (Black) Volunteer Voices, AHRC £98,901
  • Bitter-Sweet Tides (within Living Deltas) (Black and Roe) NU (£1,210), Environment and Place (£2,999)  
  • Old Pottery’s Murmurations, NU (Ruiz Arana, PI), Value: £905.
  • Foodscapes (Roe and Hocknell). Value: £45,008 and Coastal Cuisine, £6,000
  • Choreopolitics in the Borderland (Veal), Value: £105,000
  • RMGC, NU (Veal, Roe, Button, Underhill, Iyer), Value: £8,055 

Theme leads: Charlotte Veal and Niki Black