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Multi-species and Bio-designs

Nature-culture interactions within landscapes as collective, negotiated and more-than human

Theme Context:

Landscape is inseparable from nature-culture relations. If we are no longer sure where the self ends and the other begins then this obliges us to reconsider all interactions within landscapes as necessarily collective, negotiated and more-than human.

Existing and Developing areas of Focus:

Multispecies entanglements over time and space; Engaging creative practice to create space for enchantment by, and affective attachment to, non-humanS; investigating multi-species entanglements in relation to scale, shape, representations, cultures and dialogue establishment; microbial landscapes; edges, boundaries and borders – crossings, routes and limitations created within landscapes; Bioregional landscape planning, design & management; tools for visualising bioregional patterns; holistic LCA; the relevance of the Anthropocene for landscape policy and our ability to live together well; more-than human relationships in stressed Landscapes.

Recent Relevant Funded Research:

  • Routes of Infection, routes to safety: Creative mapping of human-viral behaviours on the bus to understand infection prevention practices, AHRC (Veal) Value: £208,907
  • Beastly Landscapes (part 1 and part 2), NU (Ruiz Arana and Veal) Value: £1995.
  • Oysters!, NU (Hocknell and Roe): Value: £4,675


Theme leads: Sue Hocknell and Clive Davies