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Staff Profile

Dr Andrew Donaldson

Senior Lecturer and Director of Postgraduate Research



Andrew has a background in natural and social sciences. His current work sits at the interface of Science and Technology Studies and Environmental Planning.


BSc (Hons) Biology, University of York
MSc (Distinction) Rural Resource and Countryside Management, Newcastle University
PhD, Newcastle University

Honours and Awards

Awarded 2008 Ashby Prize for most innovative paper in Environment and Planning A.


Research Interests

My research concerns 'more-than-human' problems and how these are made,  framed, envisioned and otherwise engaged with. Empirically, this work has focused on diseases (especially within the food chain), flooding and rural land management.  It is now centred on food, urban infrastructures and pathological processes. There are currently 3 overlapping themes in my work:

1) Bodies and infrastructure

In what ways are human and nonhuman bodies (messy, difficult, biological things) bound up in routine, and often hidden, technological relationships that underly our daily lives? What constitutes disruption in these relationships? What are the consequences for 'thinking infrastructurally' about the biological?

2) Managing futures

I have a long term interest in the politics of anticipatory actions from routine governance and forms of planning, to novel risks, emergencies and security - especially mundane security, which relates to the previous theme.

3) Rethinking urban planning as a meeting place and a mediator for different forms of anticipatory action.

This third theme draws on the concepts and empirical insights for the other two and is currently developing through conversations with colleagues and through my teaching, especially in masters modules.

I am working on elements of the first two themes in my current ESRC/FSA funded project "Making Provisions".

Postgraduate Supervision


Helen Coulson 

Alex Baker 


Dr Paul Cowie "In-Migrant Networks and Knowledge Economies in Rural England" (Completed 2013)

Dr Elizabeth Charles "Community Supported Agriculture in North East England" (Completed 2012)

Dr Justin Armstrong "Veterinary Expertise in the Rural Economy and Policy Making" (Completed 2011)

Dr Richard Lee "Setting Science-Based International Food Standards: Defining Dietary Fibre in the Codex Alimentarius Commission" (Completed 2010)

Dr Katy Wilkinson "Bureaucracy and other stories: Organizing policymaking in DEFRA" (Completed 2009)

Dr Gary Bosworth "Entrepreneurial in-migrants and economic development in rural England" (Completed 2008)


Undergraduate Teaching

TCP2023 Understanding Sustainable Development

TCP2027 Research Skills

TCP2028 Understanding Cities

TCP3054 Planning Theory and Politics 


Postgraduate Teaching

TCP8929 Planning, Power and People (module leader)

TCP8911 Research Design (module leader)

TCP8923 Planning Practice and Climate Change 

TCP8934 Cities, Security and Resilience

TCP8099 Dissertation (module leader)