School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

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Dr David Webb

Senior Lecturer in Planning


I am a chartered town planner with experience of policy making and a commitment to promoting a critical understanding of development processes in the UK. However, my research interests lie primarily in the spaces that lie beyond the scope of statutory planning processes and I am particularly interested in alternative or marginal ways of perceiving and responding to urban problems. 

I have an ongoing interest in complexity theory, and actor-network theory in particular, and am interested in the role of objects in governing behaviour and in the potential of non-human actors to re-orientate established forms of government. I have a related interest in the politics of technology and in the relationship between research and societal change. 


I am currently: 

Director of Engagement 




Module leader: 

TCP1014 Planning Processes

TCP8953 Politics of Urban Government

Additionally I teach across the planning programme on issues covering planning skills, theory and practice.