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Dr Juliet Odgers

Senior Lecturer in Architecture




I studied architecture at Cambridge University, subsequently practicing as an architect for many years in the USA and London. Whilst still in practice I started teaching design studio part time, eventually taking up a post at the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA), Cardiff University, where I was employed for over eighteen years, teaching, researching and contributing to the management and administration of their RIBA accredited courses. During this period I completed a PhD at the University of Bath, entitled ‘Landscape as Laboratory in the work of John Evelyn: Baconian Intentions and the Hermetic Legacy’. I joined the SAPL at Newcastle University at the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year.


I am an editor of Architectural Research Quarterly (arq), published by Cambridge University Press and a member of AHRA (Architectural Humanities Research Association). I currently lead the conferences group of the AHRA, building on experience gained in running three successful international research conferences at Cardiff – ‘Primitive’ (2004); ‘Quality’ (2007); and ‘Economy’ (2011). My primary area of research concerns conceptions of ‘Nature’ in relation to the design of landscapes and buildings in the Early Modern period, see for example my contribution to Jacques Gaffarel: Between Magic and Science, ed. Hiro Hirai (Rome: Serra, 2014).


My current primary project is the completion of a book on the topic on John Evelyn’s engagement with alchemical ideas and practices and how this influenced his garden theories and designs. More general preoccupations concern perception and ideas of how ‘nature’ is conceived by architects and other spatial agents  - see for example ‘Water and the Historicity of Perception’ in Quality out of Control, eds. Dutoit, Odgers, Sharr (Routledge, 2010).  This sometimes manifests as how 'scientific' ideas manifest spatially through mediating structures ( such as perspective), and how this in turn affects perceptual practice. See for example my work with the  working group ‘Perspective as Practice’ sponsored by the Max Plank Institute of the History of Science.

I would welcome any proposals for collaborative projects with historians of science and/ or medicine, particularly those working in the Early Modern period.


I have extensive experience teaching architecture on RIBA part 1 and Part 2 accredited courses, latterly leading the BSC course at Cardiff University, where I taught for many years until joining Newcastle University in October 2017. I have taught design studio at all levels from stage 1 through to the graduating year of MArch programmes. I also teach history and theory of architecture and have devised and run successful undergraduate courses which place architecture within wider physical and cultural contexts of architecture ( the landscape, or cities).

I have many years experience supervising Masters Students in their dissertations. I welcome applications from candidates wishing to pursue PhD research in my areas of research


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