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Dr Paola Gazzola

Senior Lecturer in Planning / Degree Programme Director BA Geography and Planning



My research focuses on a range of overlapping interests. These include the assessment of evaluation practices, particularly strategic environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment, within both, terrestrial and marine spatial planning processes in differing contexts; and the way in which understandings about the environment are constructed, and how these understandings are then used to inform a set of shared values that guide marine and terrestrial spatial planning practices and wider policy agendas. My teaching has both, a broad focus, as I lead and teach undergraduate and postgraduate modules aimed at reflecting on, as well as questioning, sustainability as a guiding discourse informing the philosophy and practice of policy and planning; and a more specialised focus where, building on significant work experience with cross-national comparative research and learning in the field of environmental planning and management, I teach the theory(ies) and practice of environmental assessment. I am an Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Authority. 


PhD: Adapting Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for integration in different planning systems, University of Liverpool

Masters degree: Evaluation of urban, territorial and environmental Policies, University Institute of Architecture of Venice (IUAV), Italy

Graduate degree: Urban, territorial and environmental planning, University Institute of Architecture of Venice (IUAV), Italy


Italian, English, Spanish (basic)

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Research Interests

Environmental assessment, particularly Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Sustainability Appraisal (SA), urban ecology, environmental planning and management, and the assessment of evaluation practices within planning processes in differing contexts

Current Work

Developing the learning dimension of appraisal in spatial planning and recommending measures to improve practice in the UK, Italy and Germany, with colleagues at the University of Liverpool and University of Ulster.

Mainstreaming the environment into spatial planning, project funded by the faculty research fund

Follow-up on the implementation status of the SEA Directive in Italy.

Esteem Indicators

Director on the Board of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)


Undergraduate Teaching

TCP 1020 Environment and Sustainability

Postgraduate Teaching

TCP 8034 Planning and Sustainability

TCP8044 Planning and Sustainability