School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Staff Profile

Dr Ruth Raynor

Teaching Fellow in Planning/Research Fellow in Urban Studies and Spatial Planning


   Research Interests 

        - Post-structural feminism and intersectionality

        - Creative practice-based research

        - Re-workings of class and value

        - Studies of affect (hope and grief)

        - Time (futures and presents) 

        - Cultural Geographies 

        - Collaboration

        - Precarity and precaritisation 

        - Austerity


PhD University of Durham 

MA University of Durham 

BA University of Bristol


I am a cultural, political, and feminist geographer, and my current scholarship has three key areas of interest, 1. Everyday politics of precarity in a context of UK austerity, and connected re-workings of class and value 2. Post-structural feminist and intersectional theories with focus on the force of representations, practices, and technologies, and the circulation of scenes and/or stories that get inside, affirm, silence or otherwise affect 3. Uses of creative practice (specifically theatre) based research to surface and experiment with otherwise hidden, or marginalised phenomena, to attune to, evoke, and intervene in everyday affects. Developing from work that ‘dramatised austerity’ with women in the North East of England, I am currently involved in two further ESRC funded projects one on 'Hope' (with Dr David Webb) and the other on 'Northern Imaginaries' (with song-writer Jennie Brewis). In different ways these projects explore how local residents and key stake-holders relate to (feel, imagine and seek to intervene in) the effects of a changing (withdrawing) local state. This will form the basis of a broader investigation into genres of 'Urban Recovery.' 


Current funded research projects include: 

ESRC Open Chair: 'From doom to hope? Exploring the renegotiation of public services in challenging times' with David Webb

ESRC IAA: 'Our Place: Sunderland and Gateshead' 

And publications: 

Raynor, R (2017) Dramatising Austerity: Holding a Story Together (and Why it Falls Apart...) Cultural Geographies Vol 2 (2) 193-212

Raynor, R (2017) (De)Composing Habit in Theatre As Method Geohumanities vol 3 (1) 108-121

Davoudi, S; Crawford, J; Raynor, R; Reid, B; Sykes, O; Shaw, D (2017) Policy and Practice Spatial Imaginaries: Tyrannies or Transformations?  Town Planning Review [Online First]

Pain, R and Raynor, R (2016) A soup of different inspirations: Co-produced research and recognising impact as a process not an outcome:

Raynor, R (2016) Holding Things Together (and Why they Fall Apart...) Encountering and Dramatising Austerity with Women in the North East of England


Current Modules in APL include:

Dissertation Elective 'Marginal Space' (L3 Architecture) 

'Sunderland Imaginaries' linked Research project (MA, Planning)  

Dissertation supervision across architecture, planning and human geography. 

- As convenor and lecturer

Urban Poverty (L2 Planning) 

Understanding Place (L1 Planning) 

Dissertations (L3 Planning and Geography) 

Previous Teaching on Modules in Human Geography University of Durham: 

People, Participation, and Place (L3) 

Using Geographical Skills and Techniques (L2) 

Research Frontiers (L3 and 4) 

Social Research in Humn Geography (L4) 

Geographies of Everyday Life (L3) 

Cities (L2) 

Environment and Society (L1) 

Space and Place in a Changing World (L1) 

Introduction to Geographical Research (L1)