School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Staff Profile

Professor Zeynep Kezer

Professor of Architecture


Education and Qualifications 

  • Ph. D., University of California Berkeley 
  • M. Arch., University of California Berkeley
  • B.Arch., Middle East Technical University

Membership in Professional and Academic Organizations

  • Chamber of Architects of Turkey – Licensed Architect
  • European Architectural History Network
  • Middle Eastern Studies Association
  • Society of Architectural Historians
  • Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain
  • European Association of Urban Historians
  • Urban History Association
  • Green College Society, University of British Columbia
  • Architecture Research Collaborative

Board Membership in Professional and Academic Organizations

  • Society of Architectural Historians (SAH), Board Member (2008-2011)
  • Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain (SAHGB), Board Member & Newsletter Editor (2007-2010)
  • European Architectural History Network (EAHN), Board Member (2007-2010)


Research Interests
My personal work focuses on 20th century Turkey, but I am more broadly interested in post-Ottoman regions.
I currently am taking on doctoral students in these general areas of research

  • Modern Architectural and Urban History
  • Cultural Landscapes
  • Nation-Building Processes
  • Violence and Space
  • The Teaching of Architectural History (contents, perspectives)



My research as an urban historian sits at the intersection of human geography, material culture and political science and I welcome applications from prospective doctoral students who are interested in modern urban and architectural history and visual culture.  

I currently run a thesis studio loosely based on the concept of Assemblages and  dissertation writing in the  M Arch (RIBA Part II) Programme. I am also the coordinator for our programme's distinctive module, Tools for Thinking about Architecture, which introduces our Masters students to the range of research in our school and helps them hone their critical reading and writing skills. In addition, I offer undergraduate dissertation electives focusing on the state-space relationship, infrastructure, violence and displacement, cultural landscapes, and collective memory. 

In addition to the above mentioned subjects, I am interested in the early stages of design education and have taught extensively at this stage in Newcastle, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Middle East Technical University.