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Become a Chartered Town Planner

Become a Chartered Town Planner

Studying Urban Planning at Newcastle University provides two out of the three steps needed to become a Chartered Town Planner.

Master in Urban Planning (MPlan) with a year in Planning Practice (CPP)

The first three years of the MPlan offers you core learning in planning theory. It will also help you understand how the Planning profession works. As part of this learning, you will cover diverse topics such as planning processes, housing, urban design and sustainability. We use lots of real-life examples in this teaching - many of which are connected to our city and region. Students tell us that that really helps them understand the practical application of the work they do. 

Following completion of the Stage 3 you will undertake a placement year in planning practice where professional skills are developed and reflected upon in the Certificate in Planning Practice (CPP) modules.  This year in practice can count for up to 12 months of the Royal Town Planning Institute’s required 24 months planning experience, prior to the Assessment of Professional Competence. The successful completion of the CPP secures entry to the final year of the MPlan and the RTPI fully accredited undergraduate degree.

In the final year of your MPlan you can chose to specialise in a particular study route. In 2019/2020, we offered routes in Regeneration and Green Infrastructure. But we also often offer a study route in Conservation and Heritage. These routes help you develop expertise in an area that you might be interested in, one that you would like to work in, or one that you might have worked in whilst on placement. Along with other elements of the MPlan, ​the programme ​will prepare you to the best possible degree for progression into your future career.

BA Urban Planning

Being the same as the first 3 years of the MPlan undergraduate degree, this awards a partial (‘spatial’) RTPI accreditation.

Other routes with RTPI accreditation

The BA in Architecture and Urban Planning, with the CPP, and the Masters in Urban Design

The MSc in Urban Planning

Partial RICS Accreditation

The MPlan and the MSc in Urban Planning both offer partial RICS accreditation.