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Information Systems and Operations Research

The purpose of Information Systems and Operations Research is to conduct rigorous and relevant research to address societal problems.

Information systems and operations are fundamental to the functioning of our economy and society.

Strategic management of supply chains drives resilience and innovation. The need for this type of management has been emphasised by external factors, such as:

  • exogenous shocks such as Brexit and Covid-19
  • societal issues, for example social value creation and the identification and elimination of modern slavery
  • grand challenges such as climate change, ageing, and digital transformation
A container ship in dock being loaded by a large yellow crane

Research areas

Our subject group examines multi-level supply chain problems. We incorporate individual, organisational, and network levels of analyses. We adopt a broad range of research methods, including:

  • qualitative (case studies, process studies, content analysis)
  • quantitative (structural equation modelling, analytic hierarchy process)
  • modelling methods

Through vigorous research, we aim to influence:

  • academic knowledge
  • managerial practice
  • policy

We work with organisations on pressing supply chain and operations management problems. We develop interventions to inform and improve practice and policy in supply chain management. Our research is published in academic and trade journals.

We provide support and resources to various groups, such as:

  • subject group members
  • colleagues
  • students
  • external research collaborators

This helps them to further develop supply chain and operations research.

Key themes

Research projects