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Clinical Informatics in Practice

Clinical Informatics in Practice

We're not currently accepting applications for this program.

Dr Chris Plummer Cardiologist & Chief Clinical Information Officer, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
Daniel Simms Head of IT Delivery & Programme Director, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Gordon Elder Associate Director of Nursing & Chief Nursing Information Officer, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Fiona McDonald Associate Clinical Director, Health Call

Design and Implementation of a large Health Informatics Transformation Programme in the NHS.

It is essential to have reliable IT infrastructure, technical support and clinical systems, but it is the quality of the clinical engagement in the design and implementation of a health informatics system which determines its success.

This very practical session is led by the team who have worked on the Newcastle Global Digital Exemplar programme over the past 3 years and who will share our experiences and lessons learned for anyone undertaking this kind of work, and will include a short interactive workshop and time for questions.

The course covers:

  1. Background and context of a large Health Informatics Transformation Programme in the NHS
  2. Funding – for the programme and long-term support
  3. Leadership
  4. Clinical and executive engagement – branding, mission statement
  5. Project initiation and governance
  6. Current state analysis
  7. Setting the context – a preview event
  8. Design and development
  9. Testing
  10. Training
  11. Hardware
  12. Business continuity
  13. Clinical safety and risk management
  14. Go-live – planning, communications, command structure
  15. Early life support
  16. Adoption
  17. Evaluation – benefits and lessons learned
  18. What’s next?

Change and adoption in a digital healthcare landscape

This session will bring together the resistance in practice to introducing new digital concepts, strategies to gain adoption, clinical leadership in practice, utilisation and usability and the patient facing digital solutions and how to move the agenda forward.

  1. Cultural issues of digital change, deployment, and adoption for the change fatigued NHS
  2. Nudging the patient to adopt new models of healthcare, accepting change, and the paradigm shift required to self-help healthcare.
  3. How do we change the spoon-feeding NHS model of paternalistic healthcare to a shared decision-making model?
  4. How can digital solutions radically change healthcare delivery?

New dates for this programme will be announced in Mid 2023

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