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Clinical Information Systems

Clinical Information Systems

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Dr Clare Tolley, Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, Newcastle University

Clinical Information Systems

This course will begin with an overview of Clinical Information System (CIS) in healthcare and take the learners through the different types of CIS in practice.

The course will then focus on Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) as a specific type of CIS. With the context of CDSS, learners will learn about the key considerations in the different stages of CIS development including design, implementation and evaluation. As the course progresses, learners will be able to analyse how CDSS assist human-decision making and lead to improved care outcomes.

The course covers:

  1. Introduction to Clinical Information Systems (CIS) in healthcare
    • Overview of CIS at different stages of care delivery (diagnostic, prescribing, administration, monitoring, patient facing)
  2. Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) and their applications in practice
  3. Enablers and barriers to the adoption of CDSS
  4. Examples of designing and implementing CIS for clinical decision support
    • Different approaches: Active and Passive; workflow considerations
    • ‘Building blocks’ of CDSS – leveraging data within the EHR
    • Safety (overreliance) and Alert fatigue
  5. Approaches to evaluation
  6. Group Activity: Identification of a clinical problem or target where CDSS could be beneficial and design an end-to-end project to address this.

The next dates for this programme will be announced in Mid 2023

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