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Digital Ethics in Healthcare

Digital Ethics in Healthcare

We're not currently accepting applications for this program.

Dr Mhairi Aitken
Ethics Research Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute, Newcastle University

This course explores ethical considerations relating to digital innovation in healthcare and health systems. It will consider how broader debates around digital ethics (e.g. relating to artificial intelligence and data collection and reuse) apply in health contexts.

It will focus on the uses of data in healthcare and health systems and ethical considerations relating to data collection, storage and use/reuse. This includes use of data in developing and utilising new technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The course also consider broader issues around digital ethics to focus on practical examples and actual clinical applications. The learners will examine current governance mechanisms in place to address digital ethics and a range of approaches that can be employed (including the role of Patient and Public Involvement in the use/reuse of health data).

The course covers:

  1. Background: why digital ethics?
  2. Examples of ethical dilemmas in digital innovation particularly in health contexts
  3. Consideration of practical examples in relation to clinical applications
  4. Current governance mechanisms and approaches: including regulation, policy, the role of Caldicott Guardian, and Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

New dates for this programme will be announced in Mid 2023

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