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Digital Health Technologies

Digital Health Technologies

We're not currently accepting applications for this program.

Dr Graham Morgan
Deputy Head of School and Reader, School of Computing, Newcastle University

The appropriate usage of digital information and associated technologies within medicine in the context of their risk, fiscal economy, and improved patient outcomes and safety will be discussed. The course is designed as an introduction to understanding how digital information and enabling technologies based on such information are influencing current medical practices and the possibilities for the future. Examples and case studies will be used to allow learners the ability to contextualise the material presented in accessible real-world settings.

At the end of the course, learners will be able to analyse how these technologies add value to healthcare systems and be better prepared to participate in the digital transformation of healthcare.

The course covers:

  1. Near-future information innovations and how these may impact medical industries
  2. Influence of digital infrastructures on current working practices
  3. Case studies that highlight balancing risks and benefits in the digital age
  4. Gamification within the context of medical products and services

New dates for this programme will be announced in Mid 2023

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