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Energy Investment Webinar

The Centre for Energy hosted an Energy Investment webinar on 09 November 2021, 12:30- 14:00 (GMT).

Energy Investment Webinar

This exciting webinar involved three speakers from Newcastle University Business School discussing the impact of Energy investment on place identity and other capitals. 

Dr Josie McLaren, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Newcastle University Business School

Discounting the future? Perspectives from Accounting and Finance-should we follow the money? In this presentation Dr McLaren will look at how concepts and models from accounting and finance may support the assessment of energy projects, including initial appraisal, monitoring and evaluation against policy objectives. We will touch on models relating to cost-benefit analysis, payback, discounting of expected cash flows and the pricing of embedded options, as well as inter- and intra-generational challenges.

Dr Jas Kalra, Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Supply Chain Management, Newcastle University Business School

Organisations are increasingly seeking to collaborate with SMEs by integrating them into their supply chains and need to think differently regarding their sourcing strategy to collaborate with SMEs successfully. In this presentation Dr Kalra will present a framework for understanding the processual coordination challenges in engaging and integrating SMEs in complex supply chain networks. Additionally, the strategies that managers and organisations could adopt to address these challenges will be considered.

Professor Atanu Ghoshray, Professor of Economics, Newcastle University Business School

Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and CO2 emissions: The challenges ahead. The nexus between energy consumption, emissions and economic growth has received considerable attention over the years. A plethora of empirical studies have established a link between energy consumption and economic growth, as well as economic growth and CO2 emissions in various countries. A challenge to the government and policy makers in various countries is to sustain current levels of growth and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions by employing increasing renewable energy consumption strategies. Professor Ghoshray’s talk provides an outline of this nexus and the associated challenges faced by some of the world’s biggest carbon polluting countries.

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