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Sunamp Phase Change Materials Webinar

This webinar recording is of benefit to those both new to domestic hot water or more experienced engineers and you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Jason Hartigan from Sunamp Ltd presented a technical overview on phase change materials and how we can generate domestic hot water the low carbon zero way. Sunamp is a company which designs and manufactures space-saving thermal storage that makes homes, buildings and vehicles more energy efficient and sustainable.

This webinar is of benefit to those both new to domestic hot water or more experienced engineers.

What was covered:

  • History of Phase Change Materials
  • Phase Change Material (PCM) - how does it work?
  • Difference between sensible heat & latent heat
  • Melting Point Average 58c - Sunamp PCMs work with existing & green technologies
  • What if we can generate DHW a completely different way
  • The Road to Net Zero  (decarbonisation)
  • Overview of Sunamp
  • Real examples of (PCM) in multiple projects

Listen to the recording below to benefit from:

  • Discover Phase change materials advancement in the technology
  • Generating domestic hot water using PCMs
  • Increase Awareness legionella & safety
  • Understand  how different technologies energy heat inputs can be utilised
  • You will receive a certificate of attendance

 About the speaker:

Jason Hartigan is the Sunamp Specification Sales Manager, his career spans 25 years in the HVAC industry working in a variety of roles and international businesses from manufacturing, mechanical and electrical contractors, drawing up specifications with consulting engineers, giving technical assistance and delivering CIBSE approved CPD seminars.

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