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Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction

This technique delivers unequivocal material identification. It’s the gold standard for chemical characterisation.

Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction is the gold standard of chemical characterisation and delivers unequivocal identification of materials. The technique provides detailed measurement of molecular geometry and conformation as well as the supramolecular environment of the species in the solid state.

At Newcastle University our X-ray crystallography service has over 60 years combined expertise in data collection and structure solution coupled with the speed and flexibility offered by modern diffractometers.

We provide a structure determination service to academic and commercial customers and enterprises.

A key aim is to provide you with a high quality, reliable service. 

Your results can be provided in a range of formats, from a short report to a detailed analysis of the molecular and intermolecular structural features.

Our flexible pricing structure runs on a per-structure basis. We're happy to negotiate on pricing for larger numbers of structural determinations.

We also offer additional services such as recrystallisation, co-crystallisation, polymorph screening, following both standardised and tailored protocols.

Our services


SAgE Analytical has a wealth of experimental knowledge and capabilities in all of our techniques. Please browse our applications below which intend to focus on typical areas of interest and bespoke experimental needs.

Our staff

  • Dr Paul Waddell, Crystallography Officer
  • Dr Mike Probert, Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, Head of Crystallography
  • Emeritus Professor Bill Clegg, Senior Research Investigator

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To request a quote, or ask us a question, you can complete our analytical services general enquiry form below.

If you’re a Newcastle University staff member or student, you can visit the internal Research and Analytical Services' intranet page.