Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering



Much of our research goes on to have a sustained impact in government, industry and wider society in the UK and across the world.

Our impact case studies highlight how excellent research conducted within the Faculty has gone on to produce cultural, societal and economic impacts across a broad range of beneficiaries.

The Research and Impact Team supports academic staff in maximising the impact of their research, including:

  • advice on research impact, its importance and ways we can increase our impact
  • training on impact, evidence of impact and what help is available
  • support to enable your research impact to reach a wider audience
  • access to social media platforms to enhance impact  
  • advice on finding impact funding
  • help in ongoing and retrospective gathering of evidence to support impact case studies
Our work on managing global water supplies is just one of our many impact case studies


To find out more, please contact Eve Cosgrave, Faculty Research and Impact Manager.

E-mail: Eve.Cosgrave@newcastle.ac.uk

Tel: 0191 208 5869