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The latest news from the Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering and our schools.

New funding backs the rollout of self-driving lorries and shuttles

Self-driving vehicles will help deliver passengers and cargo in and around Sunderland.

Centre for Rural Economy celebrates 30 years

Newcastle University’s Centre for Rural Economy (CRE) celebrated 30 years of supporting sustainable development in rural areas.

Universities improve support for care-experienced people

The five universities across the North East have become the first regional Higher Education partnership to collaboratively sign up to the Care Leaver Covenant.

Loss of marine life off the North East and Yorkshire coast

An independent expert panel has today (20 January) published its findings into the loss of marine life off the North East and Yorkshire coast.

Leveraging climate change modelling to support Nile communities

Groundbreaking new analytical framework can help maximise and balance economic benefits for Nile countries.

New Year’s Honours celebrations for University’s finest

Today's New Year's Honours list recognises a number of outstanding University colleagues.

New Year’s Honours: Vice-Chancellor and colleagues honoured

The Vice-Chancellor and colleagues have been recognised in the New Year’s Honours.

New tool offers hope in the fight against plant extinction

New research provides key insights into which pressures are causing what damage and where.

Regional leaders join forces for transport and health partnership

Academics at Newcastle University are part of a new cross-sector partnership focused on tackling health inequalities through sustainable transport solutions.

Leading figures honoured by Newcastle University

A celebrated chemist, a literary scholar and the head of a global business have been awarded honorary degrees.

MPs call for 'urgent investigations' following crab and lobster deaths

A Parliamentary committee which heard evidence from a Newcastle University academic about mass deaths of crustaceans off the North East coast says further urgent investigations should be carried out.

Landslide risk remains long after an earthquake

Satellite observations have revealed that weak seismic ground shaking can trigger powerful landslide acceleration – even several years after a significant earthquake.

Newcastle expert to research retreating glaciers and water resources

Newcastle expertise will be central to a major new research project looking at retreating glaciers and the impact on depleting water resources in the Andes.

Unlocking the potential of sensory deterrents to reduce bycatch

A new study has revealed the potential for sensory deterrents to reduce marine megafauna bycatch in fisheries.

Newcastle University recognised for its work to advance race equality

Newcastle University has been awarded a Race Equality Charter Bronze Award by Advance HE in recognition of its work towards tackling race inequality in higher education.

Urgent calls for Ecosystem Restoration

Scientists are calling for an evidence-led, equitable approach to Ecosystem Restoration in a global context.

Climate change strikes: lightning patterns change with global warming

New research has shown climate change could alter lightning patterns across Europe.

Research reveals details of extremely hot matter around black hole

Researchers’ recent observations of a stellar-mass black hole called Cygnus X-1 reveal new details about the configuration of extremely hot matter in the region immediately surrounding the black hole.