Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering



  • €50 million digital monitoring project to prevent disease

    A European project aims to develop a system of small sensors worn on the body so that how well you walk, a vital sign of health and wellbeing, can be monitored and assessed during your daily routine.

    published on: 11 April 2019

  • Cities under pressure

    Cities to swelter as planners face unenviable trade-off between tackling climate change and quality of life, new research has shown.

    published on: 28 March 2019

  • Leading the way

    Newcastle becomes the first university in England to provide free sanitary care for students.

    published on: 27 March 2019

  • Overland migration of Arctic Terns revealed

    Data from a landmark study of the world’s longest migrating seabird reveals how overland migration is an integral part of their amazing journey.

    published on: 25 March 2019

  • Links with community and business to build a strong chain

    The North East Cluster for Healthy Ageing and Independent Living (NE-CHAIN) has won early-stage funding from UK Research and Innovation to cultivate the ageing market in Newcastle and the North East.

    published on: 21 March 2019

  • When good neighbours become good friends

    Household of six scoops the Best Neighbour On Campus Award for their exemplary behaviour.

    published on: 12 March 2019

  • How the humble marigold outsmarts a devastating tomato pest

    Scientists have revealed for the first time the natural weapon used by marigolds to protect tomato plants against destructive whiteflies.

    published on: 1 March 2019

  • Thomas McDonald wins prestigious award

    Thomas McDonald, stage 3 MMath Mathematics student, won the GCHQ prize for the best presentation at the Tomorrow’s Mathematicians Today (TMT) Conference 2019 for his talk on vortex visualisation

    published on: 1 March 2019