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Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

This powerful tool that allows us to investigate geometric, electronic, and magnetic material environments.

Very recently Newcastle University acquired a solid-state NMR probe for our Bruker 500 MHz machine which has been a great addition to the department.

Solid-state NMR (SSNMR) is a powerful tool that enables the user to investigate geometric, electronic, and magnetic environments of materials that may not be suitable for solution-state NMR. The user may also want to compare atomic interactions of their solid sample with their material in solution.

Solid-state NMR spectra tend to be very broad due to anisotropic effects or orientation-dependent interactions and so special techniques are required to overcome these challenges. Cross polarization (CP) and Magic-Angle Spinning (MAS) are used to reduce these effects and so what would have originally been very broad lines that provided little insight can now be resolved and give plenty of structural information on the chosen material.

SSNMR still suffers with the presence of paramagnetic nuclei, but several 1D and 2D experiments are still accessible for diamagnetic elements, typically 13C, 29Si and 31P.

Our staff

  • Dr Corinne Wills, NMR Officer
  • Dr Casey Dixon, Senior Analytical Technician (NMR)
  • Emeritus Professor William McFarlane, Emeritus Professor

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