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Gender and the Social Sciences at Newcastle University

The Institute for Social Science are working across all university faculties to support the work of our researchers through showcasing strength, developing networks and nurturing future collaboration.

Our academics at Newcastle University are engaged in internationally recognised research which takes gender as its starting point while recognising a range of intersections for example with questions of class, race, sexuality and disability.

Research in this field has both theoretical and empirical dimensions and, covers for example: Conceptualising Gender, Feminist Analysis, Sexualities, Gender Futures, Social Movements, Gender and Social Justice, Violence, Poverty and Economic Inequality.

Newcastle University takes its civic role extremely seriously and, many gender researchers are involved in research with local communities and, agencies. Much of our work follows the maxim that – if society is a good place for women then it is a good place for everyone.

Various research groups and projects have been established to focus on these and other important aspects of gender relations and inequalities including the cross-Faculty Gender Research Groupthe Gender and Politics Research Group in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, and Gender, Environment and Development in the Centre for Rural Economy.

Here we explore the diversity and innovation amongst our gender researchers

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