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Concepts and Framings

Here are some videos and resources about the concepts, approaches and framings employed by social scientists in their work about anti-racism.

Lydia Wysocki explores Derek Bell's concept of Interest Convergence and Interest Divergence.

Professor Anoop Nayak discusses the idea of race inequality. He clarifies that:

  • there is no such thing as race;
  • that racism is a structural force and organising principle in modern society; and
  • race inequality must involve engagement with whiteness.

Dr Alessandro Boussalem explains the idea of microaggressions in this video.

Dr Trevor James discusses the idea of ‘shopping while Black’ in this video to explore the experiences of racism often experienced by black and minority ethnic people in their everyday lives.

Professor Peter Hopkins explores Islamophobia as a form of anti-Muslim racism in this booklet, in this short article and in this Insights Public Lecture.

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