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Social Renewal: Practical responses to neo-liberal austerity

How to thrive in society today is a challenge for people in communities around the world.

What is 'Hope Under Neoliberal Austerity'?

This Institute supported work began life as a book project. We are now exploring how we use this experience and expertise to support research and drive change. 

The book, Hope Under Neoliberal Austerity: Responses from Civil Society and Civic Universities, edited by Mel Steer, Simin Davoudi, Mark Shucksmith and Liz Todd, now published by Policy Press - is comprised of chapters co-written by at least one academic from the University and at least one member of the case study/external organisation. The North East is used as a lens to explore critical social and political shifts that have wider relevance and resonance in other post-industrial cities and regions, particularly those affected by austerity policies. 

Working with partners, the book provides practical examples of community-based practices to promote positive social change in neoliberal and austere times. As well as being a book about practical responses to austerity and neoliberalism, it includes examples of the civic university in action. 

You can watch two further interviews which explore issues raised in their associated book chapters. The links below will take to you relevant clips which focus on some of the key issues or questions raised.

The book launch

In collaboration with the Campaign for Social Science, the Institute hosted an online event to launch this book and discuss some of the issues raised. A recording of the event, Can civil society mitigate the impact of austerity? Transformation or sticking plaster? can be viewed here.

The book is made up of the following case study chapters

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