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We encourage new partnerships as well as sustain existing ones.

Our Partnerships

We establish partnerships within and beyond the academy in order to promote diverse research communities. Some of our partners include:

Our unique partnerships have fostered meaningful social-justice research in and beyond our region. If you are looking to build your research-partnerships and would benefit from some connections or mentorship, get in touch.

Campaign for Social Science >

Learn more below about Newcastle University's contribution to the campaign for social science or visit the Academy of Social Science page

Newcastle University is a Gold Supporter of the Campaign for Social Science

Newcastle University is proud to be a Gold member of the Campaign for Social Science. Through this membership, which is jointly supported by all three of our Faculties and led by the Institute for Social Science, the University is aligning to the Campaign’s work which promotes the ‘vital role of social science in improving decision-making, society and lives’. 

The Campaign for Social Science was set up in 2011 to be an advocacy body for the social sciences. It has grown in influence and its perspectives on policy issues are sought out by a wide audience in Government, Parliament, various bodies in the social science disciplines. It contributes to discussions on major topics, responds to inquiries, holds events and issues policy briefings. It is supported by a coalition of 30 universities, learned societies and publishers, including, Manchester University, University of Oxford, UCL, University of Bristol, Durham University, University of Exeter, University of Leeds, LSE and British Sociological Association - and Newcastle University! The Campaign has a strong policy focus and provides institutions, particularly those outside of London with the opportunity to respond more readily to policy consultations as a collective. It conducts regular policy related activities with their supporter base. 

Our membership launch

In December 2020, the Institute for Social Science hosted a membership launch which highlighted the importance of the excellent social science at the University. The event also explored the benefits and opportunities of this exciting relationship with the Campaign. The event introduced the role of the Academy of Social Sciences, of which Newcastle University has a strong membership through almost 30 Fellows here at the University

You can view the launch event via the following videos where you will hear from Professor Liz Todd, Director of the Institute for Social Science, Professor Nigel Harkness, PVC for the HaSS, Philip Wright, PVC for SAgE, and Professor David Burn, PVC for FMS. You will also hear Dr Rita Gardner from the Campaign for Social Science and Professor Roger Goodman, President of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Professor Simin Davoudi from the HaSS Faculty, Professor Tom Scharf from FMS (two of our Fellows) and Professor Sally Shortall - talk about the diversity of the social sciences, how social sciences function within and outside of disciplines and the value that this creates.

Find the recording of the launch below;

Part 1

Part 2

More about the Campaign for Social Science

Raising awareness of the contribution of social science research and practice to addressing key challenges and opportunities facing the UK is a core aim of the Campaign. In 2020 the Campaign has been showcasing the social science community’s response to the pandemic through their Covid-19 hub. This growing hub features links to resources by universities and research institutes, examples of impactful work by individuals, a blog series from academia and beyond, video interviews and an event series.

The Campaign has recently completed 'Vital Business' - a case-study' based project that demonstrates the importance and widespread use of social science knowledge, skills and research in UK business and industry. This is timely and highly relevant in the context of pending decisions around the Augar review and in demonstrating the contributions of social science to our economy more widely. The outcomes are published here. The report is based on eight detailed case studies of leading businesses across sectors from engineering to fintech, and from the energy sector to the food industry. It challenges some of the myths about the role of the social sciences in the private sector. It shows the social sciences to be widely used and valued by business – in leadership roles; to run companies’ core operations; to understand consumers and grow the business; to evaluate and manage risk; in strategic planning; and to work on projects and policies requiring understanding of markets, regulation, supply chains, and behaviour.

The report was well covered in the HE sector press and was accompanied by blogs in Social Science Space, LSE Impact Blog and the Higher Education Policy Institute's website.

The Campaign has recently worked effectively with UKRI, including as members of the recently-established UKRI Covid-19 liaison group, and in exerting a strong influence as the only social science representation in the UKRI post Brexit immigration policy group. Through the latter, they were heavily instrumental in universities being accorded trusted status by the Home Office.

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