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Gender Spotlights

Gender researchers in the social sciences at Newcastle University take diverse and innovative approaches to their research.

In 2022, the Institute for Social Science worked with Sarah Mengede to explore gender research at Newcastle. Sarah’s brief was to map, collate and showcase gender research at the University. Through her internship, Sarah interviewed researchers from diverse disciplines and different stages of their careers about their experience doing gender research. Some of the interviews were filmed with the consent of the researchers. You can explore Sarah’s outputs and learn more about gender research at Newcastle University below.

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Meet the Researchers >

Meet Dr Clare Vaughan, Gabriella Mwedzi, Hannah Budge, and Lottie Rhodes, and learn about their respective research.

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Early Career Experiences >

Gender research on Dolly Parton as a case study for LGBTQ+ Inclusion, and intersectional belonging, psychological ownership and urban forest qualities by James Barker and Lotte Dijkstra respectively.

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Quantitative Gender Research >

Dr. Maarja Lühiste explains why it makes sense to use quantitative methods sometimes when researching gender and political representation.

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Mentoring, Support, and Role Models >

Dr. Ana Lopes takes us through the challenges of participatory gender research in the aviation industry and her experience in securing funding for research projects.

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Using Film in Gender Research >

Research about news presentation, politicians’ self-representation on social media, representation of older women in fact-based media, and community focused projects with women by Professor Karen Ross. Likewise, research to expose injustice or raise awareness, with Professor Guy Austin.

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The Future of Gender Research >

Discussions on the future of gender research with Dr. Emily Yarrow and Stacy Gillis.

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