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Climate Change and our Health

Climate change was established as a major risk to lives and livelihoods since 1988 through the United Nations, Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change. Major research and policy efforts were since directed directing the economy towards a green and energy efficient economy. However, the impacts on health due to climate change, as well as from the mitigation measures, in the short and long term, are little understood.  

People in their daily lives may have concerns about climate change, policies to mitigate it, and their wellbeing. This event would like to capture the public and policy makers’ views to inform a joint research agenda on resiliency to Climate change and living a healthy life.

This event is an opportunity to have a conversation about our daily and future concerns about climate change and health in the city and in rural areas. Climate change has multiple interchangeable impacts on the city, food chains, flooding and disease dispersion which also impacts on the equitable provision of healthcare. We would also be interested to hear from stakeholders such as the NHS, food supply chains, and water companies

This is an open event for the public, academic colleagues and policy decision makers to come together at Newcastle University


Event chairs:

Dr. Neveen Hamza, Reader in Architecture, Energy and Wellbeing, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University

Prof. Gary Frost, Chair in Nutrition & Dietetics. Faculty of Medicine , Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction, Imperial College London

The Team:

We are a team of scholars from Newcastle University and Imperial College London, who acknowledge that climate risks are health risks. We are interested to hear from you on your perceptions of the impacts of climate change on your daily lives and health.

On the day


  • Dr. Neveen Hamza (Newcastle University)- How we can visualize the impacts of climate change on building occupants (15 min)
  • Prof. Gary Frost (Imperial College London) Impacts of climate change on a healthy Diet and food security (15 min)
  • Dr. James Charlton (Northumbria University)  Communication through city models, what would the public like to see?(15 min)
  • Break for drinks and a finger buffet
  • Break into two groups on the built environment and diet to capture the public’s perceptions