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GURU Theme: Environmental Planning

This theme considers the interactions between human and natural environments and sustainability.

In this theme we explore the interactions between human and non-human nature in environmental planning. Alongside relevant environmental sciences, our emphasis focuses on the social scientific perspectives. These include: 

  • politics
  • justice and ethics
  • governance
  • policy and regulations
  • economics
  • spatial planning
  • resources management 

We explore these issues in relation to water security, landscape quality, and green infrastructure. We also look at access to greenspaces, marine spatial planning, climate change, risks, hazards, and resilience. 

We focus on many conceptual and empirical issues including:

  • sustainability
  • meanings of the environment
  • theories and practices of environmental justice
  • climate imaginaries and their performativity
  • resilience thinking
  • methods of assessment (Environmental Assessment and environmental valuation)

Hosting the international Journal of Environmental Planning and Management gives us prestige. It provides us with a particularly rich source of research insights.

Theme lead: Dr. Neil Powe