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GURU Theme: Identities, Culture and Heritage

This theme considers concepts and concerns surrounding notions of identity, culture, and heritage.

Our research looks at socially constructed, ever-changing processual entities. They are subject to broader social, cultural, political, and economic forces. 

We maintain a rich interest in the identities, cultures, and heritage of countries and continents. We also look at many agents including:

  • government actors
  • growth coalitions
  • the local entrepreneurial state
  • urban elites
  • NGOS
  • local activists
  • conservationists
  • conservation practitioners
  • urban planners
  • informal housing networks and co-operatives
  • urban designers 
  • architects 

We explore many conceptual and empirical issues in the identities, culture, and heritage, including:

  • historical imaginaries
  • collective memory and nostalgia
  • cultures of heritage
  • heritage management
  • urban and architectural conservation
  • urban planning and landscape-based conservation and self-made 
  • informal practices

Theme lead: Dr. Loes Veldpaus