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GURU Theme: People, Place and Politics

This theme consists of people, place, and politics and the relations of power in spatial governance.

Our research covers innovative and interdisciplinary research endeavours that focus on people, place, and politics. We look at the politics of place, and securities and vulnerabilities in cities across the world. We also look at participatory planning practices.

We work on the development of: 

  • critical perspectives on concepts and meanings of place and neighborhoods
  • the (re)production of space and spatial imaginaries
  • spatially situated power relations between different people and institutions at various scales

We are also concerned with governance processes and the politics of place making in the UK and beyond. 

Our research blends theoretical approaches from many disciplines. We look at how we can empower people to imagine and shape their own localities. 

Our work captures and translates the renewed enthusiasm for the quality of places. We also look at the value of community bonds into creating fairer and more sustainable futures.

Theme lead: Dr. Georgiana Varna