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Dr Diego Garcia Mejuto

Teaching Fellow


I am an urbanist fundamentally concerned with helping develop a critical understanding of contemporary processes of production of urban space. I am particularly interested in the notion of hegemony and the development of counter-hegemonies, and the discursive and material spatiality of politics. Accordingly, in my work I have drawn – and continue to do so – on critical urban theory, socio-spatial theory and discourse theory.

I situate myself among those less concerned with urban agglomerations per se (‘cities’) than with urbanization and the processes through which it takes place. To date, in my academic work I have explored this issue through the politics of transport infrastructure development. My doctoral research explored the politics of scale surrounding a high-speed rail line of European relevance in the Spanish Basque Country. It examined the struggles over discursive hegemony involved in its promotion and contestation, the spatial imaginaries underpinning the different constructions of the policy problem, and the complex workings of power through space beyond simple notions of government or governance levels.

I joined Newcastle University as a Teaching Fellow in September 2016, where, apart from contributions on a range of subjects, I lead several postgraduate modules on research design and methods. In the 2017-2018 academic year, I have had the opportunity to build on my interest in using infrastructure as a lens through which to understand the urban by designing and delivering a new module on urban infrastructures.

  • PhD in Planning Studies, University College London (2015)
  • MSc in International Planning, University College London (2008)
  • BArch MArch, University of A Coruña, Spain (2005)


Module leader
  • TCP2033: Urban Infrastructures: A Lens on the City (undergraduate)
  • HSS8001: Thinking about Research (postgraduate)
  • TCP8911: Research Design (postgraduate)
  • TCP1026: Understanding Place: Methods and Perspectives (undergraduate)
  • TCP3054: Planning Theory and Politics (undergraduate)
  • APL2001: Alternative Practice: Theories and Practices (undergraduate)
  • TCP8003: Engaging with Information Sources in Planning (postgraduate)
  • TCP8941: Planning Practice and Climate Change (postgraduate)
Supervisor / mentor
  • TCP8099: Dissertation (postgraduate)
  • TCP3099: Dissertation (undergraduate)
Senior Tutor