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Dr Loes Veldpaus

Senior Research Associate


My work focuses on the past, present, and future of heritage management and local, national, and international conservation planning practices and policies. I am interested in the perspectives of the people who work in and on heritage, and co-producing these perspectives; in innovating understandings of the process of heritage production. I work across disciplines, drawing on feminist and post-human scholarship and methods, as well as work in the fields of heritage, planning, conservation, and (re)design. 

My aim is to develop collaborative practices with both global and local actors. Within the H2020 project OpenHeritage (WP1 lead) I work on, I co-lead on the Collaborative Heritage Lab (Sunderland) with the Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust and am actively involved in heritage practices. Our aim here is to experiment with co-creative, participatory, finance and management innovations, whilst reflecting on them in a constructive critical manner.

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twitter: @loena 


We were awarded a H2020 project (2018-2022; 48 months, €5 million) called OpenHeritage : Organizing, Promoting and ENabling HEritage Re-use through Inclusion, Technology, Access, Governance and Empowerment. This interdisciplinary project, in collaboration with 15 partners across 11 European countries, aims to further understandings and experiences of inclusive and innovative governance of adaptive heritage re-use (with John Pendlebury).We also work on a research project on Brexit and heritage

I am co-editing a book "Research Agenda for Heritage Planning in Europe", funded by the Dutch Heritage Agency (with Eva Stegmeijer). The book will be published in 2019, in the Edward Elgar ‘Research Agenda’ series.

We just finished a project on conservation planning in Europe, the final report can be found here. I worked on case studies in the North East of England.  

Across these research projects I work on issues around heritage and urban governance, from the following perspectives:

Conservation Planning and Governance: I look at the past, present, and future management of the historic environment, focussing on how governance actors engage with the historic environment, and what their practices are. Especially in the context of the 2011 UNESCO ‘Historic Urban Landscape’ recommendation, following my PhD work, I am critically reflecting on the application of this concept in local policy contexts. 

The ‘doings’ of heritage and conservation: Innovating understandings of the process of heritage production and care. Exploring how it is used, and what it does. This on the one hand involves looking at how heritage is made ‘useful’ and what this means in an urban context, and on the other hand, looking at the workings of caring for, and taking care of heritage.

Postgraduate Supervision

I welcome any postgraduate applications to study issues that with fit with those research interests


Byung Choon Hwang : Community led heritage regeneration in Korea


my teaching include 

ARC8065 : Cities and Culture

TCP7024 : Conservation and the City (module leader)

Dissertation tutor TCP3099TCP8099 

Guest lecturer MA International Heritage Management at and Durham University (annual seminar since 2013)


APL2002 : Alternative practice: European Fieldtrip (field trip leader 2017)

TCP8024 : Consultancy Project (group tutor 2017)

Guest lectures to TCP8911, TCP2023, and APL1001

In 2014, I obtained my Dutch University Teaching Qualification (VSNU, TU/e).