Court Membership

Such Principal Officers of the University as the Court may from time to time determine:

The Chancellor -Sir Liam Donaldson (Chair)

The Chair of Council & Pro-Chancellor - Mr Paul Walker (2020)

The Vice-Chancellor and President - Professor Chris Day

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Professor Julie Sanders

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors under Statute 12

The Vice-Chair of Council - Mrs Heidi Mottram (2020)

The Treasurer - Mr Stephen Lightley (2019)

The Chair of Convocation - Mr Antony Jones (2019)

One Sabbatical Officer of the Students' Union elected annually by the Students' Union

President - Mr Ronnie Reid

Seven members of University staff appointed by the Academic Board

Together with such other co-opted members, not being fewer than thirty nor more than forty, as the Court shall from time to time determine

Ms Parveen Akhtar (2018) Ms Lorna Moran (2018)
Councillor Joe Carlebach (2020) Ms Claire Morgan (2018)
Mr Alan Clarke (2018) Ms Fiona O'Connor (2020)
Mr Andrew Davison (2019) Ms Chi Onwurah (2018)
Mr Colin FitzPatrick (2019) Mr Jonathan Parkinson (2018)
Mr David Flory (2020) Councillor Sue Pearson (2019)
Councillor Nick Forbes (2020) Baroness Quin (2020)
Mrs Olivia Grant (2020) Mr Mark Scrimshaw (2020)
Ms Sarah Green (2020) Mr Bruce Shepherd (2019)
Ms Fiona Hall (2018) Mr Nitin Shukla (2019)
The Rt Rev Christine Hardman, Bishop of Newcastle (2019) Mr Greg Smith (2020)
Mrs Jacqui Henderson (2020) Mr Michael Stephenson (2019)
Councillor Mick Henry (2019) Ms Sarah Stewart (2020)
Mr Mark I'Anson (2020) Dr Robert Teoh (2018)
Mr Peter Johnson (2019) Ms Hannah Underwood (2019)
Professor Patrick Lavery (2018) Mr Rob Williamson (2019)
Mr Hector MacDonald (2019) Ms Angela Woodburn (2018)
Ms Helen McArdle (2019) Mr Paul Woolston (2018)
Ms Pummi Mattu (2018)  
Dr David Moffatt (2019)  

Honorary Members:

Dr Robert Hawley
Lord Judd
Miss Florence Kirkby
Mr Richard Maudslay
Sir George Russell
Sir Nigel Sherlock