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Experience Student Life

As a PARTNERS student you will attend the PARTNERS Academic Summer School (PASS), which gives you an early introduction to life as a student at Newcastle University.

A taste of university life

You'll be introduced to as many aspects of university life as possible, giving you a taste of what it's like to study at Newcastle University.

You'll be taught using the same facilities and by the same lecturers as first year university. This means that by the time you start undergraduate study, you'll already be one step ahead, with knowledge of the university that other students won't have.

Meet other students

Over 1,224 students attended PASS 2022 spread across 33 different strand timetables. Each strand is subject-specific, which means that you'll be placed with students who have applied to the same (or similar) courses to you.

You'll also get to meet students early via On Course to PASS activities, social events and social media.

Throughout the week I learnt many new things and I really enjoyed each aspect of this programme. It has helped me to gain more confidence in going to university and has been a very good way to meet other students potentially studying the same course as me.

PASS 2022 Attendee Feedback

Early access to university services

Where possible, all University services and facilities will be available to you during the Summer School, including:

  • Your University IT & email accounts
  • Canvas, Newcastle University's virtual learning platform
  • Computing clusters
  • Newcastle University Library
  • Free access to the gym
  • Student wellbeing bespoke support
  • Students' Union

PASS is designed to reflect undergraduate study as much as possible. However, there are some differences between PASS and university life. For example, smaller subject strands may have fewer students than their undergraduate equivalents.

Increase your confidence

Students who attended PASS 2022 were asked the following question before and after the event.

How confident do you currently feel about studying your subject area at University?

 Very ConfidentConfidentUnsure / NeutralNot ConfidentNot Confident At All
Before PASS 13% 62% 22% 2% 0%
After PASS 42% 48% 7% 2% 0%