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Taking part in PASS will be completely free and accessible for all attendees.

Open, flexible access to the event is very important to PARTNERS. We aim to ensure in all stages of the event planning and delivery that accessibility is given top priority and all PARTNERS students are able to access all aspects of the Programme.

Support & accessibility

If you have declared on your UCAS application that you have a long-term health condition or disability, the PARTNERS team will get in touch with you in advance of the summer school to chat about any adjustments that will support you throughout the event.

You can also contact the team here in advance and we'll be happy to chat about your circumstances. We can also support you by putting you in touch with our colleagues in wellbeing, in advance of studying with Newcastle University for your undergraduate studies.

While you're at the Summer School, you'll also be offered one-to-one wellbeing appointments with the Student Health & Wellbeing Service.

Travel and accommodation requirements

All compulsory activities associated with PASS will be paid for by the University. This includes:

  • Travel to & from the University for your on-campus sessions.
  • Meals while you're on-campus.
  • Overnight accommodation for your on-campus sessions, if you're not local to the University.

Accommodation will be provided for students who cannot reasonably commute to the University for a 9 am lecture. This will be offered for the dates that your subject strand hosts on-campus academic activities.

We will provide information on how to book your travel and accommodation once timetables have been circulated to confirmed PARTNERS students in May.

Software access

PASS will include delivery via Canvas, the University's virtual learning environment. PARTNERS students will be able to access this platform via a web browser and a bespoke iOS/Android app.

If there are any other pieces of software required, they will be either freely available online or accessible for free using the University's software licenses.

Attendees at PASS 2024 will be given access to the following, free of charge:

  • Canvas - Newcastle University's Virtual Learning Platform.
  • Microsoft Office 365 (including Word, Excel and Powerpoint).
  • Your own Newcastle University email address.
  • Newcastle University library services.

To ensure that PASS 2024 is as accessible as possible, any platform used will be available via a variety of devices. This includes laptops, tablets and smartphones. However, if you have a week internet connection or would prefer to work from a computer, we can support you with travel costs to your local library during your online days of PASS.