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Ongoing Support

Receive ongoing support during the application process and after you start your course at Newcastle University.

In your final year of school or college

As you apply for University, the PARTNERS Team will host a series of online events called On Course to PASS, which will help you prepare for higher education.

These events will provide an opportunity to engage with:

  • the team at Newcastle University who deliver the Programme
  • other PARTNERS applicants
  • undergraduate students who have completed the Programme themselves
  • members of staff from across the University, such as Accommodation Services, Student Finance and Student Health & Wellbeing

All the On Courses to Pass sessions provided useful information regarding key aspects of the university experience, and it was especially useful to find out more about the PARTNERS Academic Summer School.

PASS 2023 Attendee Feedback

While you're at Newcastle University

If you take part in PASS and register at Newcastle University in September 2024, you'll be added to the PARTNERS community canvas course, through which you could:

  • be the first to know about work opportunities, such as Student Ambassador and Student Rep positions
  • find out about scholarships and bursaries that PARTNERS students can apply to
  • have the opportunity to gain work experience through the ncl+ Career Insights Award
  • keep in touch with fellow PARTNERS students at the University