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Careers and Employability

You may think it's too early to start thinking about your career, but that's not the case.

What to expect

During the Summer School we'll be hosting a number of sessions which will get you thinking about your future at the earliest possible stage. The Careers Service at Newcastle University offers a lot of support outside of your degree; whether you know exactly what you would like to do after graduation or if you have no idea.

At the Summer School you'll take part in sessions developed by the Careers Service and our Alumni network. This will give you a broad overview of the services available while you're at Newcastle University.

Elements of this module will be a compulsory part of PASS and this will be confirmed on timetables in May.

Since PASS 2019, students have taken part in the following sessions below.

I really enjoyed the Ask The Expert sessions, as I felt it was good to learn about how different people have used their degrees and all the different things I could do.

PASS 2022 attendee (from anonymised feedback survey)

Ask the experts

An online series of webinars with PARTNERS graduates and employers, where students get the opportunity to learn about different career paths and how to make the most out of the university experience in preparation for graduating.

'What I wish I'd known'

A panel-style session with former PARTNERS students that gave the opportunity to find out how to make the most of the time available at the Summer School.

Alumni keynote speech

A leading alumnus from Newcastle University presents a keynote speech that gave an insight into his journey from student, through to his current position as CEO of a recruitment company.

Careers discovery

This careers fair-style event gave attendees the opportunity to meet graduate employers and members of the alumni network, putting into practice what they'd learned during the previous session.

Goal setting

Attendees learned how to set clear, definable goals which will help to plan their future, both during and after university.

Career service introduction

Attendees were introduced to Newcastle University Careers Service and how they can help you to plan for your future.