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Social Activities

We want you to make as many friends as possible during your time with us, so there is also a bustling social side to the Academic Summer School.

Hosted by our team of dedicated student reps, the optional social activities are free of charge and available to all PARTNERS students during the Summer School. We encourage students to take part as much as possible!

Social activities for PASS 2024 will be confirmed on timetables when they are circulated in May.

Since PARTNERS 2019, students have been able to participate in the following activities listed below.

Toon Tours

Attendees had the opportunity to discover Newcastle Upon Tyne (affectionately known as the Toon), with a tour delivered by current students.

This was a great way for non-local students to familiarise themselves with all of the need-to-know locations before starting university in September.

Hot Chocolate Cafe

Our most popular social activity! Every evening students can come grab hot chocolate, tea, coffee & snacks from the social cafe space. A lovely area to chill out, hang with your new PASS friends and chat to the Student Reps.

Movie Night

Lecture theatres were turned into cinema screens, with free popcorn and drinks for all.

Breakfast Club

Student reps were on hand to offer advice and directions first thing in the morning. 

The activities were great and allowed me to meet new friends and experience uni life

PASS 2023 attendee (from anonymised feedback survey)

PASS Campus Quiz

A pub quiz-style event with plenty of snacks available, and prizes for the winning teams.

At PASS 2023, this was held at Newcastle University's Students Union.

Wheelchair Basketball

Open to all and a great opportunity to try out a new sport! This was led by the University's official wheelchair basketball team in our brand new state of the art Sports Centre. 

Pizza & Games

Over 100 students joined the mega 'Pizza & Games' night held at the University's Students Union. This activity was for commuting PARTNERS students, to get to know each other and hang out with our local student reps. From giant twister to 'what do you meme' card games - there was loads to get involved with!

So if you're local to Newcastle and therefore won't be staying in halls during PASS - you definitely won't miss out on the fun!