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All students will be given a formative assessment to complete by their Academic Strand Lead during PASS. This piece of work is compulsory in order to successfully complete the summer school.

How do I successfully complete the summer school?

In order to successfully complete the PARTNERS Academic Summer School all students must adhere to the following:

  • Abide by the behavioural expectations & standards set out in the Attendee Code of Conduct.
  • Full engagement with all compulsory sessions during PASS (Sunday 30th June - Friday 5th July), including:
    • 100% attendance at all present-in-person sessions.
    • Engagement with all academic online sessions, as directed by your strand leader.
  • Submit your Formative Assessment, as directed by your strand leader.
  • Submit the PASS Evaluation Form.

Your strand leader will confirm the details of your formative assessment and compulsory sessions at the beginning of the Summer School. More details about the code of conduct, evaluation form, and compulsory sessions for each strand will be circulated to confirmed PARTNERS students in May.

As long as you complete your work as directed and adhere to the above, there's no reason that you wouldn't successfully complete the summer school!

Formative Assessment

The Formative Assessment is subject-specific and will be set by your academic lead during the week of PASS. This is a short piece of work that will vary depending on your subject strand, examples include:

- Short essay

- Technical report

- Multiple choice quiz

- Group presentation

Depending on your subject strand, the deadline to submit your formative assessment may fall after the week of PASS, so make sure you set aside some time in the week following PASS school to complete your assessment.



Students at the PARTNERS summer school walking through campus.

How will the assessment be marked?

Your assessment will be marked in line with the academic standards for the subject area at Newcastle University that you apply to.

This gives you the chance to put into practice the university-level learning and skills you have developed during the PARTNERS Academic Summer School. It's also a fantastic opportunity to receive academic feedback in advance of beginning undergraduate study.

Can I fail the assessment?

If you follow the guidance from your strand leader and submit the assessment as directed, you will not fail.

You should receive written academic feedback (both positive and constructive!) and may receive a mark or a score. This feedback and marking are designed to give you a valuable head start on your course when you hopefully enroll in September 2024.

Out of 1,613 attendees at PASS 2023, 96% of students successfully completed the Summer School!