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Absences are only permitted with evidence such as a doctor’s note

You must be available Sunday 30th - Friday 5th July 2024 to successfully complete the PARTNERS Academic Summer School (PASS) and meet the terms of the PARTNERS offer.

In order to successfully complete PARTNERS. you will need to submit a formative assessment. This will be outlined by your strand leader during PASS and the deadline may be after the Summer School, therefore we recommend that you keep some time set aside to complete your formative assessment in the week following PASS.


If you are ill during PASS, or have a condition that may prevent you from taking part in any of your sessions, we will require written evidence in the form of a note from your doctor.

This evidence will be used to submit a Personal Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) form in line with the University's PEC procedure.

Any absence via PEC submission must be approved by the Programme's PEC committee before students are permitted to successfully complete the Programme. Students who are absent due to PEC are likely to be asked to complete an alternative assessment to demonstrate their academic abilities and commitment to Newcastle University, as directed by their strand leader.


Holidays are not an acceptable reason for absence. If you have a holiday planned during this event you should rearrange it.

Other circumstances

Other circumstances for absence from the Academic Summer School may be considered on an individual basis.

You must attend all compulsory sessions to successfully complete PASS