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The exact format of PASS 2022 has not been confirmed yet. All applicants will be updated at the earliest opportunity.

PARTNERS has been running since the year 2000 and has always encompassed an on-campus element as part of the Programme. Unfortunately, this was not possible for PASS 2020 and PASS 2021 due to government guidelines relating to the COVID pandemic. As a result the events in 2020 and 2021 took place online via Canvas, the University's virtual learning environment.

It is our aim for future years to retain an on-campus element to the Programme when guidelines and circumstances allow. We anticipate that PASS 2022 may involve a blend of on-campus and online teaching (using Canvas - the University's virtual learning environment).

We will update applicants and these web pages at the earliest opportunity, once we've confirmed the format for PASS 2022.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the same platform used to deliver online learning during undergraduate study, making PASS a fantastic introduction to the digital facilities used by Newcastle University students.

Activities and sessions to expect

Regardless of whether PASS is fully online or on-campus, PASS is subject-specific, so the exact format of the event varies according to what you've applied to.

PASS is designed to reflect undergraduate study. This means that you will take part in sessions and activities that are relevant to your degree.

Typical on-campus sessions may include:

  • undergraduate lectures
  • group research and presentation delivery
  • practical projects
  • use of subject-specific facilities

Typical online sessions may include:

  • academic seminars hosted via Zoom
  • interactive tours of facilities
  • remote experiments delivered from University laboratories
  • collaborative design projects
  • two subject strands in 2021 even involved at-home experiments that were delivered to students' home addresses

Example timetables from PASS 2021

Take a look at some example timetables from PASS 2021 to see what your week may look like at PASS 2022:

In addition to the above academic sessions, students also took part in optional social activities and extracurricular content:

In addition to the content within the above timetables, students at PASS 2021 completed extensive HE Skills and Careers online modules.