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Sketching opens up the city for new architecture students

Published on: 14 October 2020

Stage 1 Architecture students have been safely arriving on campus for the This City drawing task, where they sketch buildings and structures in Newcastle.

Socially-distanced learning

Each of the 12 socially-distanced groups of 10 were given a different arrival time at the Architecture Building, where they picked up their supplies. Staff had produced a video for them telling them what to do once they arrived.

Wearing masks at all times, upon entering the building the students followed the safety protocol, using hand sanitiser, scanning the NHS bar code to record their visit, keeping a two-metre distance and following the orange and black signs around the building.

Outside, they met their drawing tutors and headed to various locations around the city, which included the Civic Centre, Newcastle Castle and the Quayside, where they could sketch safely on an A1 piece of paper. Each group of 10 was then split into two on arrival at their location.

Students who weren’t in Newcastle or who were self-isolating, were able to take part in the exercise remotely.

Architecture lecturer Kati Blom, who organised the This City exercise, said: “These city walks are always remembered fondly by all stage 1 Architecture and AUP students. They feel it is like an introduction to the professional world they are now entering. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to get to know them better in their early academic days. And it gives us a chance to show students the visually intriguing and architecturally impressive parts of the city, including the city walls, railway viaducts, old castle, and our modern Civic Centre.”

Stage 1 Architecture students sketching during their This City walk around Newcastle. Photo by Henna Asikainen.

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