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Information, advice and guidance

Explore the world of Power Electronics, Machines, and Drives (PEMD) through our educational guidance platform.

Our information, advice and guidance page is a support platform for schools, colleges, universities, jobseekers, and employers. We're raising awareness of the rewarding career options and roles within Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) and electrification.

It also serves as a starting point for students to make informed choices about the various ways to join the field of Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD), Batteries and Advanced Manufacturing.

Outreach Events and Activities

We offer a range of in-school workshops and on-campus events that focus on engineering and electrification. These activities aim to inspire young poeple and raise their aspirations and awareness of careers in electrification. 


The Institute of Electrification and Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (IESAM) was created to address the urgent skills shortage and training challenge in the North East of England. 

With our partners, we’re bridging the skills gap, and providing high-quality training, for those looking to pursue a career in:

  • electrification
  • sustainable advanced manufacturing