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Power Electronics, Machines and Drives

This branch of electrical engineering plays a critical role in the development of sustainable energy solutions.

What is PEMD?

Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) is a branch of electrical and electronic engineering that’s focused on the efficient control and delivery of electrical energy. The field involves designing, regulating, and improving devices such as:

  • semiconductors
  • power converters
  • electrical machines
  • electric drives
  • control systems

PEMD helps ensure that electrical energy is used as efficiently as possible. PEMD plays a critical role in the development of sustainable energy solutions and reducing our carbon footprint.

PEMD is a fast moving and exciting technology sector which is rapidly expanding across multiple industries. Thanks to the electric revolution, we're seeing a big shift towards the electrification of systems.

What is electrification?

Electrification is the process of replacing, or modifying, fossil fuel-powered systems with electric alternatives.

Where is PEMD technology used?

PEMD technology is all around us, from phone chargers to wind turbines. You can find PEMD in these areas and many others.

Electric car
Robotic manufacturing arm
Battery charging
Electric motor
Washing machine
USB charging cable symbol
Wind turbine

Join the PEMD sector

As the demand for electrification and sustainable energy grows, so does the need for experts in PEMD and these fields. A career in PEMD manufacturing will focus on creating technologies that control and deliver electrical power in modern systems.

Join the PEMD sector and play a role in shaping the future of energy. Help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our planet today.