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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We're committed to developing a fully inclusive community.

Drawing on diversity

Our aim is to nurture all members of our community. We draw on the diversity of our students and staff within a positive and supportive culture. We encourage everyone to flourish and reach their potential. We foster strong, positive relationships between all members of our community, grounded in dignity and respect.

Our Committee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion works with all sections of the School of Modern Languages to:

  • support students and staff to overcome any potential barriers relating (but not limited) to gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnic heritage, religious belief, physical and/or mental disability and neurodiversity
  • promote inclusive values throughout our community through events and projects

 The School’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy can be downloaded here: SML EDI Policy 2021

Current and recent projects

Athena SWAN

Our bronze award was achieved in October 2018. Download our Athena Swan Action Plan (PDF: 115 KB).

Language and Inclusivity:

This is a resource to support reflection on the relationship between language, gender and power. Find out more.

Decolonising Ourselves:

This SML community encourages thinking about:

  • our discipline
  • how the languages and cultures we study are historically and currently implicated in colonial power structures
  • how we can work towards a decolonised, diversified curriculum

Check out 'Decolonising Modern Languages and Culture', a blog series launched by SML showcasing dialogues on decolonisation in SML, in the HASS Faculty, in Newcastle University, and beyond.

EDI Week:

Our EDI week is a week of events raising awareness of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. It promotes inclusive values throughout the School.


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