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Social Justice


Social Justice

Newcastle is committed to social justice in all that we do. We are dedicated to working together to create a fairer and more just society.

Social justice is about the distribution of society's benefits and burdens. Social justice is about addressing the unfair outcomes that result from the coming together of social inequalities and institutions.

Children, youth and lifecourse

We promote social justice in our focus on the inequalities and injustices negotiated by children and young people.

Poverty, welfare and social class

Our commitment to social justice includes drawing attention to issues of poverty, welfare inequalities and socio-economic marginalisation.

Race, religion and migration

Our work about race, religion and migration promotes social justice. This includes challenging inequalities in the asylum process.

Gender, sexuality and relationships

We are dedicated to exploring diverse genders and sexualities. We press for social justice when it comes to gender equality and LGBT+ rights.

Health, well-being and care

We underpin our focus on health, well-being and care with the promotion of social justice. We tackle health inequalities across people's lifecourses.

Education, work and employment

We explore how to advance social justice through diverse forms of education and in access to, and experiences of, work.

Housing, neighbourhood and region

We are committed to demonstrating the consequences of housing inequalities. Our work also promotes place-based (territorial) justice.

Peace, reconciliation and human rights

We are devoted to promoting human rights and peace. This includes opportunities for reconciliation as advanced by Dr Martin Luther King.

Environment, nature and landscape

We are dedicated to environmental and climate justice. We explore ways to promote social justice through our work about the natural world.

We are committed to embedding principles of social justice in all that we do here at Newcastle.

Professor Peter Hopkins, Dean of Social Justice

Dean of Social Justice

Professor Peter Hopkins is the University Dean of Social Justice. Professor Hopkins provides focused strategic leadership on social justice and works to embed this within our teaching, research and engagement activities.

The Dean co-chairs the Social Justice Advisory Group with the University’s Engagement Manager.

Professor Peter Hopkins, Dean of Social Justice at Newcastle University